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The French colonisation of Algeria lasted a long time  132 years.

Ahmed Ben Bella, the first president of Algeria from 1963 to 1965


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The affairs of Algeria’s presidency, and indeed of much of its government, are clouded in secrecy. In 2013 what was beyond question was that any visible activity of the president had  dropped dramatically. Current photographs certainly suggested that President Bouteflika was not a well man.  His most visible absence was that of almost 50 days spent on medical grounds in France. Although the president’s activity has been limited to performing a minimum of presidential duties, the government machine appeared to be functioning normally; despite the president’s apparent illness – at 79 he is not a young man - stability seemed to be intact and Algeria’s institutions continued to tick over.

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In the space of 10 pages the Algeria Profile covers the following:

- Timeline

- Political structure

- Population,

- Education  

- Health

- Welfare

- Main cities

- Languages spoken

- Media

- Economy

- Agriculture

- Industry and manufacturing

- Tourism

- Mining,

- Hydrocarbons

- Energy

- Financial markets

- Banking and insurance

- Time

- Geography

- Climate

- Dress codes

- Entry requirements

- Health (for visitors)

- Hotels

- Credit cards

- Public holidays

- Working hours

- Telecommunications

- Electricity

- Social customs and useful tips

- Security

- Getting there

- Getting about

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Key Facts

Key Facts:

Key Facts
Official name: Al Jumhuriya al Jazairiya ad Dimucratiya ash Shabiya (Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria)
Head of State: President Abdelaziz Bouteflika (since 1999; re-elected Apr 2004, 2009 and 17 April 2014)
Head of government: Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal (Independent) (from 29 Apr 2014)
Ruling party: Coalition led by Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) (National Liberation Front), (since 2002; re-elected 10 May 2012)
Area: 2,381,741 square km
Population: 38.70 million (2014)*
Capital: Algiers
Official language: Arabic
Currency: Algerian dinar (AD) = 100 centimes
Exchange rate: AD106.11 per US$ (Sep 2015)
GDP per capita: US$5,532 (2014)*
GDP real growth: 4.13% (2014)*
GDP: US$214.08 billion (2014)*
Unemployment: 10.60% (2014)*
Inflation: 2.92% (2014)
Oil production: 1.52 million bpd (2014)
Natural gas production: 83.30 billion cum (2014)
Balance of trade: US$9.45 billion (2014)
* estimated figure


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