Wallis and Futuna

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These two forgotten specks that lie smack in the centre of Polynesia/Melanesia make up one of the world's least known countries. The inhabitants, who are markedly more reserved than in most Polynesian isles, are happy to keep it that way.

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Key Facts

Key Facts:

Key Facts
Official name: Wallis and Futuna
Head of State: President of France François Hollande (PS) (from 15 May 2012), represented by Administrateur Supérieur Michel Jeanjean (from June 2010)
Head of government: President of the Territorial Assembly Mikaele Kulimoetoke (from 26 November 2014)
Ruling party: Coalition of various political parties and independent members, usually categorised into those that are 'left-leaning' and those that are 'right-leaning'. Currently the collated right holds more seats in the assembly.
Area: 144 square km – Wallis (or Uvea): 77.6km; Futuna: 64.4km
Population: 15,507 (July 2012)*
Capital: Mata Utu (on Wallis)
Official language: Wallisian, Futunian, French
Currency: Change Franc Pacifique franc (CFPf) = 100 centimes
Exchange rate: CFPf106.83 per US$ (Sept 2015); (pegged CFPf119.25 per euro)
* estimated figure


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